The Best Halal Cosmetics Brands That Every Hijabi Should Know

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Halal beauty brands are not easy to find considering that the world’s Muslim population is only almost 25%. People will think that halal beauty brands will be more prominent in today’s beauty industry.

According to Safia Ghanim, operations manager, and senior technical auditor at ISWA’s Halal Certification Department, halal makeup products include the following requirements: alcohol-free, cruelty-free or with animals prohibited by Muslims and/or not slaughtered according to Sharia law, anything that is defined as “najs” or unclean, and much more.

The increase in organic, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics has for many met the desired standard for products that are healthier for the skin and environmentally friendly. While there is overlap between these ideals and halal cosmetics, halal-certified beauty products offer assurance that not only healthy ingredients are used, but that strict manufacturing and production regulations following Islamic law are adhered to.

To become Halal certified, these requirements must be followed from the formulation process to packaging, even from how workers are treated to the sustainability of product packaging is considered. Halal certification can take years to complete, as brands must implement and disclose information about their manufacturing and labeling locations. After several committees approve this, the auditor will come and check the rest. So, if halal beauty is important to you, you can rest assured that it has a Halal-certified seal of approval, it has really been vetted and approved at every level.

Many hijabis are aware of the fact that body skincare and what we apply to it requires careful attention. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and its care is just as important as our internal digestive system.

What are the best Halal Cosmetic Brands?

Keep scrolling through the list of the 7 best Halal makeup brands below and let us know if we missed something, or you have another Halal makeup favorite in the comment section below!

1. Amara Cosmetics

2. 786 Cosmetics

3. Inika Organic

4. Phb Ethical Beauty

5. Shade M

6. SO.LEK Cosmetics

7. Zahara

Also, we have these lists for another brand!

8. Tuesday In Love
9. Vivre Cosmetics
10. Glow by Claudia Nour
11. Breena Beauty
12. Sampure Mineral
13. Wardah Cosmetics
14. Jolie Beaute
15. dUCk Cosmetics
16. Simply Siti
17. Mersi Cosmetics
18. Flora & Noor



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