Basic Skincare Tips When Going To Umrah or Hajj

Basic Skincare Tips When Going To Umrah or Hajj

When leaving for Umrah / Hajj,  you need to prepare the necessities must-bring when going to in the holy land Mecca or Medina. Not only bringing these belongings such as clothes, passports, mukenah, but also skincare, especially for women.

Skincare is a must-bring-essentials that needs to be prepared. Especially considering the weather conditions in Saudi Arabia which are often super hot at day and super cold at night. Conditions that are might be different from the weather in your native country certainly make the skin startled and dry due to lack of moisture.

Surely many hijabis who are going to go for Umrah or Hajj are confused about bringing what skincare that is suitable for the conditions in the holy land.

Here are some Basic Skincare Tips When Going To Umrah or Hajj you might need to follow:

#Basic Skincare

Skincare is one of the important things that need to be brought when hijabi going to Umrah or Hajj. With different weather conditions, your skin will definitely need extra attention. With hot weather, you certainly need sunscreen to protect your face and skin from the sun. In addition, a moisturizer is also needed to keep the skin moist. Maybe, if you need to bring a facial spray to keep your face fresh. During Umrah, we are not allowed to wear make-up, let alone excessive ones. For that, stay focused on worship but of course while maintaining nutrition for the body, one of which is the skin that receives direct sunlight.

#How to pack Skincare

Carrying a lot of things will make it difficult and less easier to fill up the suitcase and become unfocused on things for the Umrah. Therefore, there is a more practical way to pack skincare or cosmetics when you are away, you can bring in smaller and minimalistic containers. Here are some skincare tips you may need to follow to bring things easier:

1. Micellar water or toner

Instead of carrying a cotton swab and a bottle of micellar water or toner together, we can moisten a cotton swab with cleaning fluid and then put it in an airtight plastic. This method will keep the cotton wet and can be used whenever we want to clean our faces.

2. Balm facial cleanser

Sometimes facial cleansers with an oil texture or oil based cleanser (liquid texture) are feared to spill and wet other items. Another suggested method, we can do by temporarily changing the products we usually use, for example using a balm-textured cleanser which will melt when rubbed on the face, thereby reducing the risk of the facial cleanser spilling onto various other items.

3. Eye cream

Eye cream is also sometimes an option that cannot be abandoned because it is very useful for removing dark bags as well as moisturizing the eyes. Rather than bother carrying a full bottle of eye cream, it would be nice to transfer the eye cream into a contact lens case that can later be used for several nights.

4. Mix serum with moisturizer

Mixing serum with moisturizer turns out to make the skin more hydrated during travel. The trick is that we can pour a few drops of serum into a small container, after that we mix our favorite moisturizer and just stir until evenly distributed. Serum and moisturizer are ready to be brought to the holy land.



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