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Spring Denim Trends That Hijabi Should Try in 2022

Spring Denim Trends That Hijabi Should Try in 2022

While it may sound exciting to jump straight into the no-layer stage this year, we’re not there yet.

The fact is that the weather is still cold or at least chilly so while your puffer jacket is getting some much-needed waiting time, it’s time to bring some lighter alternatives into the mix, yup, correct! DENIM!

For some reason, every hijabi vibe with pre-pandemic won’t excite us all anymore and many Muslim women are ready to splurge on a new denim wardrobe. Luckily, we can all look to fashion influencers for insight into the hottest denim trends for 2022 and get inspired.

A loose pair of jeans won’t let you down or go out of style and it’s not hard to style anything. The cut of these jeans is only slightly tapered, which makes them difficult to tuck into boots or with most sneakers.

And like most fashions, denim jackets go through a cycle of trends, with certain styles fading and others gaining momentum. It’s hard to ignore the sudden popularity of denim jackets. Ask any fashion person, and they’ll tell you the same thing: Denim is essential to the wardrobe for any time, every season. You can find them in almost every pair of denim with anything, and dress them up or down.

Come on, take a peek at the inspiration from the following Spring Denim Trends That Hijabi Should Try in 2022:




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