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“Mamba” Style Trend For Hijab Daily Look

“Mamba” Style Trend For Hijab Daily Look

This hijab fashion trend is becoming a hot topic of conversation among hijabis on social media, such as Instagram or Tiktok.

In the last few times, we may heard about outfit trend the cake girl, earth tones girl or mamba girl. But now, we will focus on this style: Mamba is a trend for fashionistas who often wear all-black outfits. Or usually this style is identical to dark elements such as neutral, white, and grey palettes. The ‘Mamba Girl‘ style is perfect for those of you who want to look simple.

For hijabi who really like wearing black outfits aka the mamba style and need inspiration for a black outfit that looks chic for you daily looks, please scroll down and get the style inspiration from our favorite fashion bloggers below!

“Mamba” Style Trend For Hijab Daily Look




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