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5 Must-Have Neutral Scarves That Goes With Any Outfit Looks

7 Must-Have Neutral Scarves That Goes With Any Outfit Looks

Some hijabi often confused about creating a perfect match for scarf color to make it look more stylish with their outfit and eventually always return to using the most neutral scarf; black.

Even though there are a lot of other neutral scarves that should be great with any outfit to complete your daily hijab look.

Ahead, we’ll share you the most neutral scarves and hijab should own at least on their collection. From cream and any other inspo you should pick for your daily scarf, and it will become your favorite!

1. Cream

Not only black, cream is also one of the hijab colors that is a favorite of hijabi around the world because it will be suitable for use with all types of outfits. Cream scarf is one of the most viral hijab color of the year because easy to mix and match with various colors of outfits such as light and dark tones.

2. Olive

Olive is also one of most popular scarf color that hijabi love. You can choose this basic color when wearing a light or dark outfit, for example black, white, easy blue, soft green or nude.

3. Nude

This color is perfect for any soft hijab looks. The soft color can be a basic pieces to create a girly but still elegant. Nude is chicher when it’s combined with earth tone outfit that looks warm.

4. Soft Grey

If you are a hijabi who likes bold outfit, you don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect scarf color. Choose a soft grey and this color can reduce the color of lighter the other outfit. And you will look stylish and fresher!

5. Beige

Beige is a part of earthy tones. This color is perfect with dark, brown, army outfits. Trust us, your look will be chicer and charming! You will not regret choosing this color.



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