Hijabi-Friendly Perfumes: Top Picks for Long-Lasting Fragrance (Alcohol-Free!)

Hijabi-Friendly Perfumes: Top Picks for Long-Lasting Fragrance (Alcohol-Free!)
Hijabi-Friendly Perfumes: Top Picks for Long-Lasting Fragrance (Alcohol-Free!)
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Finding a scent you love can be a mission, especially when you’re looking for something amazing and alcohol-free. But fret no more, beauties! There are tons of gorgeous options out there that smell incredible and last all day long. Many halal beauty brands offers perfume and attars (fancy perfume extracts) are concentrated and don’t have any alcohol. The secret to making them last? Layers! Apply a scent-free lotion first, then dab your perfume oil on your pulse points – wrists, neck, behind the ears, the whole works! You can even spritz your favorite alcohol-free perfume on your clothes for an extra fragrance boost. Major #protip!

Luxe Scents Made with Love: Think rich ouds, beautiful roses, musky goodness, and warm sandalwood. These are the building blocks of amazing Arabian perfume oils! They come in all sorts of strengths not cloying and can seriously last, especially when you layer them. Top brands to check out? Arabian Oud, Ajmal, and Lattafa.

Turkish Delights: Attars are basically concentrated perfume oils that have been aged to perfection – for months or even years! This aging process makes the scent even more intense and long-lasting. Turkish attars are famous for their complex and beautiful fragrances. Brands to keep an eye out for? Nishane, Abdulsamad Al Qurashi, and Carner Barcelona.

Western Wonders: Looking for a lighter option? More and more Western perfume houses are offering alcohol-free EdP sprays. These are perfect for everyday wear and still have great staying power if you apply them right.

Now, let’s talk about some that-worthy brands!

Hijabi-Friendly Perfumes: Top Picks for Long-Lasting Fragrance (Alcohol-Free!)
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Juliette et Justine

Playful and whimsical scents from this French brand. Perfect if you love a unique fragrance!


Luxurious alcohol-free EdPs from the iconic Parisian fashion house Hermes. Think elegant and sophisticated.

Le Labo

This cult-favorite brand has a whole collection of solid perfumes in unique and interesting scents.


Looking for something affordable? Lush offers a variety of solid perfumes made with natural ingredients. They’re perfect for tossing in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups.


Clean and non-toxic fragrances made with essential oils and plant extracts. They have a huge variety of scents, so you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Henry Rose

Fine fragrances that are free of harmful chemicals and allergens. Their scents are modern and sophisticated, perfect for everyday wear.

The Nue Co.

All about gender-neutral fragrances that are gentle on your skin. They use high-quality ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals.


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