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Ultimate Guide To Wear Pleated Skirt For Hijab Outfit In 2023

Ultimate Guide To Wear Pleated Skirt For Hijab Outfit In 2023
Ultimate Guide To Wear Pleated Skirt For Hijab Outfit In 2023

If you’re wondering if pleated skirt is still a trend on 2023. The answer is yes, the pleated skirt trend is now increasingly popular and  many fashion hijab influencers wearing this trend back with chicer look for their outfit of the. The main reason why this fashion pieces is timeless because it can be paired with  a lot of outfits for all seasons and occasions.

So, for anyone who’s looking for 2023 trend hijab outfit ideas because you have no idea how to style these pleated skirts with the any clothes, you don’t need to be worry anymore. You have come to the right place, girls!

To avoid bore-looking hijab outfits when wearing this pleated skirt, we’ve narrowed our favorite looks by fashion influencers below might help you to get one idea!

1. Pencil Pleated Skirt With Oversized Shirt

If you see this pencil pleated trend combined with oversized shirts, it will make your look stylish, simple but chic. Especially if you combine these two fashion items with anything neutral, it will be more comfortable to see and wear.

2. Emerald Pleated Skirt With Dark Outfit

A black outfit can be an alternative if you are confused about what kind of outfit you would like to wear for hangout or attend non-formal to casual events. Another tip, choose an emerald pleated skirt for an elegant look.

3. Floral Pleated Skirt

Ultimate Guide To Wear Pleated Skirt For Hijab Outfit In 2023

Next, pleated skirt with a floral print that will usually go well with loose blouse or oversized t-shirts. If you want a casual look, ballet flat shoes are perfect to complete your outfit, especially if you want to attend an Iftar Ramadan party. Meanwhile, for a feminine look, you can wear strappy sandals.

4. Go With Nude Pleated Skirt

It seems that a nude pleated skirt is one simple way to make your look more feminine because it easy to style with any outfit. This style is perfect for those of you who want to always look stylish and chic.

5. White Pleated Skirt

The white color is the chicest color with any outfit other than nude color. If you have a length that fits your waist, choose a tunic or blouse that accentuates the vertical lines of the plisket skirt you are wearing.


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