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Cosmolle: Your Destination for Stylish and Comfortable Active Lifestyle

Cosmolle: Your Destination for Stylish and Comfortable Active Lifestyle
Cosmolle: Your Destination for Stylish and Comfortable Active Lifestyle

Thankfully for so many women, nowadays we get to see all body shapes and sizes not only on social media, magazines, brand websites, and even on the catwalk. Body positivity and inclusivity are rising and girls that felt excluded before now feel included and also portrayed. 

We have been used to seeing perfect bodies all around, only usually achievable by supermodels, but the reality is that around the world and for so many different reasons, each woman has a specific body shape and a different size.

It can be because of some illnesses, genetics, pregnancy, who knows… at some point, we all gain some weight for so many reasons, and also for some of the reasons mentioned above, it gets really hard for people to lose that weight. 

And the problem wasn’t only with the images we were used to seeing everywhere but it was also with the sizes of the clothing. Most places would usually only have the usual standard sizes and not many more. Making it impossible for a lot of people to find the clothing they wanted. 

It was hard to find brands that sold bigger sizes and the pieces usually weren’t as cute or nice as the ones offered for everyone else. This caused people with bigger not normative bodies to feel excluded. 

But the good news is that nowadays more and more brands are offering their amazing clothing pieces on an inclusive size range that will cover a huge majority of bodies and sizes. And one of these amazing brands is Cosmolle. 

Cosmolle is a brand that wants to empower people through their sustainable fashion, and that everyone feels good and also looks good, while they are doing great work to help to save our environment. 

They also believe as well, that fashion shouldn’t only be stylish, but it should be also accessible and affordable for everyone. As a brand, they have some core values, that don’t only include being sustainable and eco-friendly, but also being inclusive and body positive. 

They have a commitment to themselves to create high-quality pieces, like great yoga sets and really comfortable underwear, and to create them, they believe in what fair trade is, they also love to support the workers that work making their pieces and of course, they are always looking to give back to the community. 

You will be able to find many options of activewear to choose from. They make amazing pieces that are not only extremely comfortable and feel like a second skin, but that will allow you to perform any exercise, workout, or sport you want to. 

They are also made out of breathable materials, which will also ensure extra comfort but also, they will keep you dry while you are working out or actually even running errands around the city during a hot summer day. 

You’ll not only be able to find not only a sports bra and shorts set, but also long sleeve tops and leggings sets, but single pieces from biker shorts to different types of leggings.  When it comes to tops, there are many options, even a lot of stylish new ones, from sports bras, seamless ones, high neck tops, etc.

The good thing, as was mentioned before, is that they have not only a nice range of colors for you to choose from but also a very inclusive size range. This means everyone can look amazing while they are working out, no matter their size. And this is how it should be, your size shouldn’t mean you can’t wear the clothing pieces you want, especially at the gym. 


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