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Basic Guide How To Layer For Fall Hijab Looks

Basic Guide How To Layer For Fall Hijab Looks

Who is still confused about finding the perfect outfit for autumn? Hijabi is certainly one of them. Because we need layers to warm our bodies when the air gets colder and to deal with the light breeze. We need at least 3 more outfits for this season.

First, we need the main clothing, like a scarf, don’t forget the inner, such as a t-shirt or blouse, then the main thing is the outer. Here are various styles of outerwear for the fall of 2022. Mainly we will talk about, trench coat, camel coat, or even jacket. So, how do you style the layer to make it look fashionable and suitable for hijabi?

Check out our editor’s summary below!

Oversized blazer

The oversized blazer is currently being adored by fashion lovers, it is suitable for being the perfect outerwear for the colder seasons. Pair it with your neutral outfit and you’re ready to look chicer!

Layer with trench coat

The most basic and definite thing every hijabi does for fall looks. Take out your favorite trenchoat from your closet and wear it with your best outfit, this is the most perfect thing with any occasions.

Long shirt and skirt

Maybe not everyone likes wearing a skirt with an oversized outer like this. But nothing’s wrong with wearing them for the fall of this year for daily looks. Choose neutral or soft and suitable for your scarves.

Style with jeans

Wearing layers with jeans is the most basic and timeless thing. Because this can be done not only for fall outfits, winter or even spring is also suitable.

Layer with vest

Vest has been a trend since previous years. If you’ve never tried it, there’s nothing wrong with trying this year. Because the outer vest is very suitable for layers in colder seasons.


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