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How To Style Pastel For Hijab Trend 2022

How To Style Pastel For Hijab Trend 2022

Every year fashion and beauty trends are always changing, including modest fashion or some people called it with hijab trends.

Although not entirely should be new, this change in fashion is also slightly influenced by previous trends.

One of the hijab trend for 2022 is about pastel colors and earth tones will still continue on trend in 2022. Everyone knows that these pastel colors will give us natural touch, soft, and calming looks. This trend will be perfect for #ootdstyle for hijabi because combination colors are so aesthetic.

The hijab color trend in 2022 will be dominated by calm pastel colors, such as lilac, sage green, light blue and mint green. That will make the hijabi look more elegant,  charming and pretty. Different with bold touch in fashion which gives a firm impression on appearance, pastel for hijab trend will actually create the opposite of appearance looks soft and girly at the same time.

So, if you are a hijabi and fan of pastel, here are the best looks from our favorite fashion blogger on Instagram and see How To Style Pastel For Hijab Trend 2022 and get you inspiration!


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