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How To Style Big Collar Trend For Hijab Outfit

How To Style Big Collar Trend For Hijab Outfit

Trend hijab fashion always rotate and change every year. For example as current trend of 2022 a lot of fashion hijab inspired by vintage styles and Korean style.

One of the old fashion styles that is back in trend this year is the style of the 70s. The vintage trend that is currently trending is the big collar or we can called it wide collar trend, this is specially for a blouse or dress. This trend presents a wide collar that covers the shoulders. And the wide collar is in the front of a ruffle or with a touch of embroidery.

This wide collar fashion style is a must in your closet. Because it is easy to mix and match with your favorite outfit and hijab. So that your appearance becomes classic and simple.

Confused about looking for an oversized collar or wide collar fashion inspo, to make your appearance more fashionable? We have summarized hijab style ideas with the big collar trend and will be ready to your next look this spring.



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