Dental Hygiene Tips: The Advantages Using A Water Flosser And How To Use Them

Dental Hygiene Tips: The Advantages Using A Water Flosser And How To Use Them
Dental Hygiene Tips: The Advantages Using A Water Flosser And How To Use Them

Talking about oral and dental hygiene are the important things to pay attention to. Precipitated plaque and tartar will definitely be dangerous and damage our teeth also causing a bad breath. Cleaning between your teeth daily is an important part of good oral health. Recently, it’s quite popular on social media that people show their dental hygiene routine using a tool called a water floss to clean their teeth by spraying it on the teeth.

Let’s find out more about this magic water flosser!

What is a water flosser?

Water flosser is a modern innovation of a device or tool with deep pressure and adjustable water irrigation which is possible to clean the interdental or between the teeth and sulcus on deep gums. Water flossers are effective for cleaning the tight spaces between teeth and removing the sticky material, like plaque, which also can reach deeper than a toothbrush can’t reach. This also can help reduce bleeding and gum disease. 

This magic tool, like a gentle washing machine that is made to clean up the oral area, using a water flosser leaves your teeth super clean feeling, like you just went to a dentist. While anyone looking to go the extra mile with oral care may benefit from using a water flosser, people with braces and dental implants may find it especially useful. If anyone looking to do extra cleaning for oral care should use this water flosser, especially people with braces and dental implants may find it very useful.

Advantages of water flossing;

Deep clean the teeth

Especially around the gum line and between the teeth from food debris and plaque that is not removed properly. Because it can remove residual dirt on the teeth and mouth optimally, the risk of plaque buildup and cavities can also be reduced.

Prevent bad breath and gum disease

If you’re routinely doing water flossing it can also help prevent bad breath and reduce the risk of gum disease, such as gingivitis.

Alternative to dental floss

If you are uncomfortable or find it difficult to use dental floss, water floss can be the perfect solution. This technique is relatively easy to do and can make your mouth feel fresher and much cleaner.


Water flossing is also perfect for those of you who wear braces. If flossing with dental floss can make the thread get caught in the wire or even break them, the water flosser makes it easier for you to clean the dirt between the braces without breaking them.

How to use a water flosser?

Unlike dental floss, which is quite complicated to use and can injure the gums, water flosser is safer and easy to use. If you never done water flossing before, check out these quick tips how to use rechargeable water flosser;

Note: Do not using a water flosser when charging

1) Install the nozzle, it can be rotated 360°to clean residual dirt on the teeth.

2) Fill the water in a removable water tank. You can also mix mouthwash on it.

3) Choose the mode to adjust the water pressure intensity, it’s best to start with low pressure and increase slowly if needed.

4) Start cleaning the teeth from the back and then towards the front. Take a few pauses to rinse your mouth.

5) After cleaning, immediately turn off and remove the nozzle and clean it up.

Best place to buy a water flosser with best features

Dental Hygiene Tips: The Advantages Using A Water Flosser And How To Use Them

Water flossing is one effective way to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. To get the advantages of the water flosser method, you can buy this product Enpully water flosser with a lot of attractive features on it, you will get:

–   5 active mode functions depends on your needs

–   Powerful battery life with Type-C fast charging and unique charging indicator

–   So travel-friendly as it’s cordless design and compact fit

–   Removable and large water tank that easy to clean up

–   Rotatable nozzle that will go deep clean on the mouth area

–   Stay comfy with noise reducer innovation

–   Affordable prices with a lot of features!

ENPULY Brand Story

Founded in 2020 by a group of smile lovers who believe in more sophisticated innovations for dental hygiene health.

Historically, after studying over 300 water flosser products and online reviews, they found that most water flossers start to malfunction within 3-6 months due to internal water leaks. Which is due to steam being generated by a fast moving piston pump pushing water out of the water reservoir.

ENPULY water flosser has an elastic film pump technology that can separate between dry and wet areas. They succeeded in creating the waterproof innovation with resilient diaphragm pump technology to close the pump and motor to prevent the internal water leak. That makes us believe that ENPULY product is the best with the highest quality of water flosser, and it should be your choice for your next purchase!

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