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Basic Tips To Wear Jewelry To Get A Flawless Modest Look

Basic Tips To Wear Jewelry To Get A Flawless Modest Look
Basic Tips To Wear Jewelry To Get A Flawless Modest Look

Modest look is not a main problem for you to look more flawless with jewelry. If worn properly, you can actually look more elegant and charming that’s why you have to be smart to styling your jewelry with the modest look you wear.

Hijabi is synonymous with their minimal beauty look. But some of hijabi want to look fashionable and trendy. By the large number of searching “hijab outfits and jewelry” aimed at hijab styling on the search engines. There are many fashion inspo with variations that can be an option to styling a hijab look with jewelry. The basic key: don’t let your style look cringey and excessive.

Jewelry is a main accessory to create a perfect elegant look. There are some jewelry from Shesaidyes Collection that can be style with your hijab outfit. But of course you can’t just wear them because it can look less suitable with your outfit. Then how to style jewelry l with your hijab outfit?

Check out these basic tips below!

Pay attention to the jewelry color and the wardrobe

"Kiss From A Rose" Butterfly Necklace
“Kiss From A Rose” Butterfly Necklace – buy here

First tips to wear jewelry as hijab accessories is need pay attention to the jewelry color match. Choose the contrast jewelry as gold or rose gold tones with if you’re wearing neutral outfit. The same tones of jewelry and the outfit will only make the your look monotonous and pale.

Wearing rings to complete your look

"To Love You More" Stackable Dainty Ring
“To Love You More” Stackable Dainty Ring – buy here

Wearing a ring can make you look more elegant if you choose the perfect styles. If you want to focus on the hand, then choose a simple ring with a diamond, such as a sapphire or these Just Bloom collections.

Choose the right pair of earrings

"Forver Young" Round Cut Drop Earrings
“Forver Young” Round Cut Drop Earrings – buy here

If you are a turban lover, wearing earrings is a genius way to accent your look. Choose large earrings or drop types, with stones such as pearls or diamonds that are sure to make you shine even more.

Experiment with statement jewelry

"Unfading Star" Round Cut Necklace
“Unfading Star” Round Cut Necklace – Buy here

Try something different with statement jewelry as necklace with a pendant that contrasts with the chain attached to the jewelry,  Astra Planeta jewelry, or layered necklaces to add vibrant color of you.

Wearing bracelets matching with the outfit

Wearing tight long sleeves is not an obstacle, it will look chicer combined with a tennis bracelet or chain bracelet that can never go wrong! You can also do the opposite, wear loose long sleeves combined with a simple bracelet.

"To My Valentine" Tennis Bracelet
“To My Valentine” Tennis Bracelet – Buy here

Those are some styling tips for wearing jewelry for a modest look. Hopefully those tips are useful and can be your guide to dressing to any hijab formal occasions. For jewelry store above we trust for the collection from Shesaidyes which provide high quality, a full range of customized designs, and competitive prices, the brand also make handcrafted jewelry.

Check them out and get your favorite collection now!



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