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Basic Styling Tips To Wear Lime With Hijab Outfit

Basic Styling Tips To Wear Lime With Hijab Outfit

Not many people like wearing bright colors as their outfit. Especially, this lime trend which quite popular nowadays in fashion trend 2022.

But if you want to try to mix and match outfits and other pieces of outfit in lime color, why not? Wearing lime with outfit as new fashion trend is tricky sometimes, because that is kind of the bright color. If you are not confident, you can wear a pastel lime color or a little faded. But, if you have the courage to wear a lime color that tends to neon, that would be look great too.

Styling outfits with lime color is a bit difficult for hijabi. If you don’t pick the right color match combination, your outfit will look too much. Pick the another fashion accessories and jewelry and get the perfect look. There are so much pieces of wardrobe for example lime oversized shirt and you can combine them with white loose pants, in this case, match them with pattern scarf will look good.

To avoid the look of being tacky, there are various kinds of outfits that you can combine with lime colored fashion items, especially for hijabi girls. Check out the outfit inspo wearing lime with hijab outfit here below!




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