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3 Hair Care Routine For Hijabi You Should Know

3 Hair Care Routine For Hijabi You Should Know
3 Hair Care Routine For Hijabi You Should Know
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So, you’ve got those luscious locks and you rock the hijab every day? Well, let’s talk about how to keep that mane looking fabulous even under all that fabric!

The hijab

It’s like your hair’s best friend and sometimes its worst enemy, especially in warmer weather. So, rule number one: avoid those dark-colored hijabs when the sun’s blazing like nobody’s business. Dark colors can turn up the heat and make your scalp feel like it’s on fire!

Next up, wash that hijab like it’s your favorite shirt. Seriously, it needs to be fresh every day to keep your hair and scalp feeling clean and happy. Oh, and those silk-lined under caps? They’re not just for fancy occasions. They’re like a spa day for your hair, keeping it smooth and snag-free. But hey, don’t tie that under cap too tight! Your hair needs room to breathe, you know?

Hair itself!

Loose ponytails are your best friend, and tight buns? Forget about ’em! They’re like hair traps, pulling and tugging at your precious strands. And let’s talk about curtain bangs – they’re like the MVPs of hijabi hair. They frame your face without getting all tangled up in your ponytail. Oh, and that middle part? It’s not just a style choice; it’s a necessity for keeping your hair balanced and happy.

When it’s time to hit the hay, don’t forget about your hair! Sleep in a protective hairstyle like it’s your bedtime armor. It keeps your hair safe from nighttime tangles and frizz, so you wake up looking like a hijabi princess.

Haircare routine

First things first: never, ever tie your hair when it’s wet. Wet hair is like a fragile little baby bird – it needs to air dry and spread its wings before you tie it down. And hey, when you’re chilling at home, let your hair down and give it some breathing room. It deserves a break too, you know?

Now, here’s the fun part: hair oils and masks! Slather those babies on under your hijab and let them work their magic. They’ll keep your hair hydrated and healthy, even when it’s hiding under layers of fabric.

if you’re dealing with any hair issues that just won’t quit, don’t be afraid to reach out to a dermatologist. They’re like the superheroes of hair care, swooping in to save the day when your strands are in distress.


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